• Tele-Psychology  Counseling (Pennsylvania only)

    Both Dr. Coddington and Dr. Phillips have Tele-Psychology counseling appointments in Pennsylvania available (dependent upon your insurance coverage and the appropriateness of the case for Tele-Psychology counseling services). Dr. Coddington can also provide Tele-Psychology counseling appointments in Virginia. Call our office at (814) 337-2037 for more information.

  • Nursing Home Counseling (Pennsylvania only)

    Dr. Phillips provides services at St. Paul's in Greenville. If you have someone close to you who needs services and resides at St. Paul's in Greenville, call our office at (814) 337-2037 for more information.

  • Neuropsychological Assessments (Virginia only)

    Dr. Coddington provides Neuropsychological Assessments and appointments are available only at our Virginia locations. Call our office at (814) 337-2037  for more information.